This is me

Hello! I’m Erica Baker (she/her).

I am an insatiably curious human-in-process with a surprisingly inextinguishable enthusiasm for life and learning.

I value the innate dignity and limitless potential of each and every person, myself included. I believe we have hope to bring change and improvement, not only into our own lives, but also to the greater sphere of existence, to our spectacular, precious world and to all the other beings that belong to it.

I am a mother of four incredibly unique and intelligent humans, an experience which has rewarded me with the most profound learning and immeasurable love.

My interests and studies span across disciples with particular affinity for functional neurology, sociology, human development and buddhism/spirituality. I studied biochemistry, biology and the arts in university and fell in love with almost all the -ologies, particularly with physics. I am an artist, also across disciplines in poetics, visual arts, music, and dance (who made up these fictitious delineations anyway?) and an athlete who recently discovered the breathtaking joy of rock climbing.

I am inspired by other bold and inquisitive people, like Marie Currie, Virginia Woolf, and Maria Mitchell who dared to challenge and free themselves from societal restrictions and move in the direction of their interests, passions and dreams.

I have seen and experienced much in my short life. I have loved deeply and known profound loss and am continuing to discover how compassionate awareness, patience and curious, attentive exploration can open new, expansive and beautiful possibilities, even within the significant challenges life presents.

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